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Logistics is the brain of our being at Getax, that’s why we call it “ Intelligence “ Logistics. This is the way how we differentiate us from our competition : we offer our customers a unique way of dealing and solving their logistical questions. To do so we have 3 main pillars :

ICP Platform

At Getax Logistics we’re keen to have all our customer services 100% covered by a great IT system architecture. In this respect we developed our ICP IT Solutions to cover our intelligence logistics, meaning that we have chosen. To cover all customer specific Logistical requirements into our ICP ( Intellectual Customer Portal ). You can compare it with a good CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) tool, where you gat,her all related customer information, , but in our case also all logistics customer information. Huge advantage here is that we can keep our WMS ( Warehouse Management System ) and TMS ( Transport Management System ) Sytems 100% standardised. Again this is the way we want to differentiate ourselves at Getax Logistics.


Since the early start of Getax Logistics we have put a lot of emphasis on not just providing a goods storage for our customers, but give them something more. Our packaging and distribution of magazines and didactical reading journals for students are a perfect example to illustrate the way we always want to close the supply chain loop at Getax Logistics to deliver an end service to not only our customers, but also their end customers.


We strongly belief at Getax Logistics, that when you want to differentiate yourselves you indeed need to be different. As a result Getax Logistics has already made a strategic decision years ago to develop own IT Software Solutions with the advantage building in fit for use solutions for our customers which standard logistics software solutions are not offering. The end result is a great and flexible WMS Solution, different from,a normal standard ERP pack. The absolute strength of this approach is that we have our IT system provider literally around the corner with daily contacts and future brainstorm thinking : we can easily conclude here that we have a true partnership with PUNTOO software solutions.


Everything started with transport at Getax Logistics: providing transport solutions to our customers is our baby from day one, this is with we breathe and live. And we know that our differentiator here is our front office: our Getax drivers are making the real difference and always going the extra mile for our customers.


Getax Logistics is following a 3-fold IT Solutions strategy:

1. If possible we will,always use the TMS system of our customers. This gives the advantage that the customer is familiar with their own system and will have a close follow up.
2. Via our own developed web based tool for rush orders we have our own Getax labelled TMS System in house.
3. Via our handhelds and truck related track and trace systems we’re closely following the status of the goods in distribution. We at Getax Logistics strongly belief that we’re a true differentiator with the combination of above described TMS strategy in conjunction with our back office facilities, meaning our active planning department and our pro.